Eugene Hoover urges continued job creation focus

May 21, 2018


RENO, NV – With leading candidates for Nevada’s next Administration considering scaling back or canceling job creation efforts led by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), Lieutenant Governor candidate Eugene Hoover is announcing his strong support for continuing these vital efforts. Hoover, a conservative Republican, is a former small business owner and small business advocate.

“Nevadans are fortunate to enjoy an unemployment rate now below 5 percent. This is a testament to GOED’s good work and our Nevada work ethic.” Hoover said. “However, although Nevada has advantages such as no state income tax, competition for jobs is intense. Texas has a robust recruitment program and even high-tax New York runs TV commercials claiming to be business-friendly.”

GOED’s efforts have contributed to getting Nevada’s economy back on track in numerous ways. Among the most promising of the areas GOED has focused on are:

Gaming – Beyond the integrated resort model of casino gaming, the International Gaming Institute at UNLV, a GOED project, is bringing together the leading minds of casino gaming with the video gaming industry, a rapidly growing $25.1 billion industry in the US alone.

WaterStart – This water technology program asked mining and agriculture industry leaders about their top water tech needs, resulting in 40 areas with global application and has established partnerships from Israel to Australia. With every one of these, new companies are established and new jobs created here in Nevada. RedEye, a water tech organization that is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, has located its North American headquarters in Nevada as part of the WaterStart program.

Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems (NIAS) – One of a limited number of platforms for testing autonomous devices, NIAS is working with some of the largest companies in the US, with NASA, and with international partners such as Poland’s Institute of Aviation, which recently conducted tests in the Nevada desert.

Renewable energy and energy storage – Nevada boasts more energy jobs per capita than any US state and has a climate perfect for harnessing the sun. Winning Tesla’s “Gigafactory” has put Nevada on the map as the center of an entirely new and disruptive technology.

Hoover believes good leadership builds upon past successes. That’s why he argues now is not the time for Nevada to quit aggressively competing for new jobs but to continue GOED’s work to create new economic opportunities for Nevadans.  However, he also believes that Nevadans should not have to be burdened by over-reaching deals (e.g. Tesla).  He will oversee and require that Companies coming into this state are welcomed but are treated equally as local businesses.

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